56. Introducing Harvey



Our second anniversary was July 17, and we had big plans. We were going to head to Oklahoma City, get lunch in Midtown, visit the OKC National Memorial (#86 for those of you keeping track), get dinner somewhere nice, and see a movie. Just a few hours before we left, Courtney was browsing online classifieds for dogs, and she found a Yorkshire Terrier in Sparks, OK who was too cute to ignore. We didn’t know where Sparks was, but Courtney thought it was near Shawnee, not too far from OKC. So, she sent an email to the owner and we headed East.


We had lunch at Kaiser’s Bistro, which opened as an ice cream parlor in 1918. The food was great, and, since it’s a bistro and ice cream parlor, we figured we had to get milkshakes. They were also awesome. While we were eating, Courtney got a call about the Yorkie. The owner said we could come that afternoon to see him, and Courtney asked if we could. I knew if we went, we would not leave without a dog. But I said OK, and we headed further East.


As it turns out, Sparks is about 30 minutes past Shawnee – practically to Chandler. But we made it, and we met the puppy. The breeder also had several adult teacup Yorkies, who made him look like a giant, despite him being only four months old. He was very cute, but also very energetic and skittish. He was much more interested in trying to play with the teacup Yorkies than with us, but none of them were very interested in playing. I had my doubts, but Courtney wanted him, and I was warming as well, so we bought him. We wrote a check, he got a bow in his hair (which was taken out almost immediately in the car), and we began the voyage West.

He is now 8 months old, house-trained, and chewing up everything he can get his mouth on. We named him Harvey, after my great-great-grandfather. And because it seemed like a fun name. He drives us crazy half the time, but he’s pretty fun the other half, and it’s getting difficult to imagine life without him.

Harvey’s favorite chew toy,




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