69. Front Porch Sittin’

For a long time I’ve wanted a rocking chair. Actually, ever since Real World New Orleans in 2000, I’ve wanted to paint a rocking chair. In one episode I either saw some of the cast painting rocking chairs or an episode just showed some awesomely painted rocking chairs.

Last year one of my professors told me of a guy in Tennessee who makes rocking chairs from trees that are native to the state. After hearing about the chairs, my mind was made up–I was finally going to get my rocking chair. Well, months went by and I still didn’t have one. There was one thing standing in my way: Brandon and I had no way of getting the rocking chairs from the guy’s warehouse to our house. Our cars were too small. I had about decided I wasn’t going to get a chair, but on my birthday Brandon surprised me with a trip to go get rocking chairs! We borrowed a friend’s truck and drove out to Woodbury, TN. Ronnie Smith, the owner/master carver of Mountain Chairs, has a huge barn full of chairs! They are beautifully carved and left unfinished so you can paint or stain them however you like. He pulled down a few chairs for us to try out and choose from. The Papa Rockers were way too big for us so we opted for 2 Regular Rockers and were on our way!

The Barn

Brandon trying out a rocker

Look at all those chairs!

Mountain Chairs Workshop

We didn’t have time to get them painted before we moved back to Oklahoma, but they were one of our first projects after the move. Brandon decided he liked the natural look of the wood so he just put a protective clear coat on his chair and it was on the front porch within a few days. I had other plans in mind for mine! I wanted to paint my chair in a way that represented me and the things I like. I could tell you about what I put on it, but I’ll just show you.

Brandon’s Chair

My Chair

It’s all in the details!

More details

Finished products!

It took me about a month to finish my chair but it finally joined Brandon’s on the front porch. We’ve also put our hummingbird feeder and wind chimes out front. It’s turned into a nice little space for us to relax.

Our little oasis

What do you do to relax at home? Do you have any projects you’ve been working on lately?

Rock on,



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