We’re moving!

As of May 15th, the Blacksten’s are no longer residents of Tennessee. Well, kinda…

We’ve packed all of our things and the majority of our boxes have already make the trek back to my hometown and are sitting in storage until we are able to move into our home in Hydro, Oklahoma.

That’s right folks, Hydro, Oklahoma! It is a small farm town in western Oklahoma. If you walk about 3 blocks in any direction from our future house it’s wheat fields for as far as you can see. Brandon will be the senior pastor at Hydro United Methodist Church and I am currently looking for a youth ministry in a Methodist church in the surrounding area. We love Nashville but we’re excited to be back home.

Brandon has moved back to Oklahoma permanently but I am still in Nashville to finish out my last few weeks of work at First Pres. I could have moved back with him but I would have missed out on the mission trips I’ve been helping plan for our students this whole year. I miss seeing Brandon everyday but am excited about my upcoming trips. Alaska next week with 50 of our graduating seniors, back to Nashville for ONE DAY and then off to New Orleans with 100+ 9th-12th graders. About 2 or 3 days after I return from New Orleans I’ll make my final journey back to Oklahoma and meet Brandon at our new home in Hydro.

So, we’re kinda residents in Oklahoma but not fully there yet.

Happy Homecoming,



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