In the beginning…

The Blackstens are jumping on the blogging bandwagon. Call us sell outs if you will but we’re excited to try it out.We’ve been married for a little over a year and a half and have already had so many great adventures and this is just one more. Starting a blog.

In 2 short days Brandon and I will begin yet another adventure – the 101 in 1001 project. If you aren’t familiar with the 101 in 1001 you can read more about it here. Here’s the short explanation: We have made a list of 101 goals to do and are attempting to accomplish them all within 1001 days. Some of the goals are small, some big, some funny, some serious. To see our list click on the ‘101 in 1001’ button at the top of our page. The items in black haven’t been started yet. Green are tasks we’ve started. And items that are crossed off are completed!

We’ll update our blog as we go along (that’s one of our goals) so you can see our progress. Enjoy!

1001 hugs and kisses,